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how to level up skills in lost ark

AI Answer
9/26/2022 7:17:58 AM
When you're trying to level up your skills in Lost Ark, the best thing you can do is to keep fighting. Every battle you win will grant you some experience, and the more you fight, the more experience you'll get. You can also find items called Venir's Essences scattered around the world, which will give you a skill point when you collect them.

If you're looking for a specific skill to level up, remember that each character has four different skill trees: Combat,Critical, negative and positive. There are a total of 36 skills in the game, so you'll need to plan out which skills you want to focus on. You can also use Amulets to give you a boost to experience gain for a specific skill, which can be helpful if you're struggling to level up that skill.

Finally, don't forget to talk to your party members. They can give you questlines that will grant you a lot of experience, and they might even have some tips on how to level up your skills faster.