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how to play shadowland alpha

AI Answer
9/13/2022 4:12:40 AM
Make sure you have a Level 110 character on a World of Warcraft account. If you don’t have a Level 110 character, use the Character Boost service to get one.
Once you have a Level 110 character, log into World of Warcraft and visit the following in-game locations:
Orgrimmar (for Horde players)
Undercity (for Horde players)
Thunder Bluff (for Horde players)
Ogrila (for Horde players)

Stormwind City (for Alliance players)
Ironforge (for Alliance players)
Darnassus (for Alliance players)
The Exodar (for Alliance players)

Once you’re in one of the starting cities, speak to the appropriate Shadowland alpha NPC.

Horde players will speak to Warcraft Tavernkeeper in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, or Ogrila.

Alliance players will speak to Warcraft Tavernkeep in Stormwind City, Ironforge, Darnassus, or The Exodar.

This will start the “A Call to Arms: Shadowlands Alpha” quest. Complete the quest, which will give you a choice of which Shadowland you’d like to visit. You can only choose one per character.

Once you’ve chosen a Shadowland, accept the “A Desperate Journey” quest. This will teleport your character to the Shadowland entrance.

Enter the Shadowland and start exploring!