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how to quest in shadowlands

AI Answer
9/15/2022 8:20:23 AM
Assuming you would like a steps guide on how to complete quests in the new expansion, Shadowlands:

1. Choose your destination: Each zone in Shadowlands has its own storyline and series of quests. You can check your map to see the zone storylines and where they lead.
2. Start talking to NPCs: Most quests in Shadowlands will be given to you by Non-Player Characters (NPCs). To start a quest, simply speak to the NPC.
3. Follow the quest marker: Once you accept a quest, a marker will appear on your map and mini-map showing you where to go. Head to the marker to continue your quest.
4. Complete the quest objective: Every quest will have an objective, or something you need to do, such as kill a certain number of enemies or collect a certain item. Once you complete the objective, return to the quest NPC to turn in the quest and receive your reward.