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how to unlock eureka ffxiv

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9/12/2022 2:09:37 PM
In "Eureka," players will venture into an instanced area separate from the main game world and take on various challenges in order to progress. The area is designed for players to experiment with different job combinations and playstyles, and as such, will not require a set party composition to progress.

Players will be able to enter Eureka by speak to one of the Adventurers' Guild representatives in the three major city-states. Once inside, players will be free to explore the zone and take on the available challenges at their own pace.

To begin, players will need to form a party of at least two members. Once formed, the party leader will need to speak to NPC named Pyxis to set the party's shared fate. This will determine the players' starting location in Eureka.

Once in Eureka, players will need to hunt down and defeat elemental spirits in order to progress. These elementals are scattered throughout the zone and can be found by defeating monsters or by completing certain challenges.

When an elemental is defeated, it will drop artifacts that can be used to trade with other players or NPCs. These artifacts can be used to purchase items or activate certain abilities.

In addition to elementals, players will also encounter powerful Notorious Monsters. These enemies are significantly stronger than the average foe and will drop rare and valuable items when defeated.

Players will also be able to find Anemos Lock Boxes scattered throughout the zone. These locked boxes can be opened by using a key obtained from defeating a certain number of elementals. The contents of these boxes are random, but can include items, gil, and even Anemos weapons.

Eureka is designed to be a dynamic and ever-changing experience. The environment will change based on the actions of the players, and new challenges will appear as players progress.

As players spend time in Eureka, they will accumulate Anemos Power. This power can be used to purchase items from certain NPCs, or to activate certain abilities. Anemos Power will also be necessary to progress through the zone.

Eureka is a dangerous place, and players will need to be prepared for anything. Be sure to stock up on supplies before venturing in, and be sure to have a well-rounded party to take on the challenges ahead.