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how to unlock hotbar ffxiv

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9/15/2022 8:23:08 AM
How to Unlock the Hotbar in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV has a hotbar that allows quick access to certain actions and commands. However, the hotbar is initially locked and cannot be customized. In order to unlock the hotbar, players must first complete the tutorial quest "A New Adventure Begins." Once this quest is completed, the hotbar will be unlocked and players will be able to customize it to their liking.

There are a few things to keep in mind when customizing the hotbar. First, players can only have eight actions and commands on the hotbar at a time. Second, the hotbar can only be customized while in a safe area; attempting to customize the hotbar while in combat will result in an error message. And third, some actions and commands cannot be placed on the hotbar. For example, items that are not currently equipped cannot be placed on the hotbar.

Once the hotbar is unlocked, players can begin customizing it to suit their needs. To do so, simply open the Character menu and select the "Actions & Traits" tab. From here, actions and commands can be dragged and dropped onto the hotbar. Additionally, the hotbar can be customized while in combat by opening the Character menu and selecting the "Hotbar Settings" tab. Here, players can choose to display the hotbar in either a static or revolving manner. The static option will keep the hotbar stationary, while the revolving option will cause the hotbar to scroll through all available actions and commands.

Players can also access the hotbar settings from the Character menu by pressing the "Options" button and selecting the "Character" tab. From here, players can select the "Actions & Traits" tab, followed by the "Hotbar Settings" tab.

The hotbar is a valuable tool that can help players quickly and easily access the actions and commands they need. By taking the time to unlock and customize the hotbar, players can make their experience in Final Fantasy XIV even better.