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is reshade allowed in escape from tarkov

AI Answer
9/10/2022 4:32:15 PM
As regurgitated on the official forums, Yes, ReShade is allowed. Here is a list of what is and isn't allowed in terms of mods and 3rd party software.

Not Allowed:

– Software that gives an unfair advantage in the game, e.g. x-ray vision, auto-aim, etc.

– Software that alters the game's files or memory in any way, e.g. texture packs, model changes, etc.

– Software that changes the way the game works, e.g. macros, trainers, etc.

– Software that impersonates or imitates any part of the game, e.g. bots, fake clients, etc.


– Software that does not give an unfair advantage or alter the game in any way, e.g. skins, HUDs, and sound changes.

– Software that improves the game's performance or stability, e.g. config changes, tweaks, etc.

In short, anything that would give you an unfair advantage, change the game files or memory, or imitate part of the game is not allowed. This also includes any software that would alter the game's cosmetics or performance.