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what is loot council classic wow

AI Answer
9/26/2022 7:17:12 AM
Loot council is a system used by many guilds in World of Warcraft Classic to fairly distribute loot among its members. When someone in the guild kills a boss, they will announce it in guild chat and anyone who is interested in receiving loot from that boss can /roll or /random. The loot council will then review the rolls/ranks and decide who gets the loot. The decision is often based on a combination of things, such as:
-Need vs. Greed: Did the person who rolled need the item for their class/spec? Did they already have a similar item?
-Performance: Did the person do well in the fight? Did they die frequently?
-Contribution to the guild: Is the person active and helpful? Do they donate gold/materials to the guild?
-Availability: Was the person available for most/all of the boss kills?

The loot council system is not perfect, but it is a fair way to distribute loot among guild members.