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what to do at level 50 lost ark

AI Answer
9/10/2022 4:38:56 PM
At level 50 in Lost Ark, there are many things players can do to keep themselves busy. Some may choose to run dungeons, others may prefer to PvP, and others may want to simply sit around and chat. No matter what you choose to do, there is always something available to do at this level.

One popular option for level 50 players is to run dungeons. There are many different dungeons available, each with its own unique rewards. Some of the more popular dungeons include the Deadmines, the Scarlet Monastery, and the Molten Core. These dungeons can be found in the game's main city, Ark.

Another popular option for level 50 players is to participate in PvP. Lost Ark has two main PvP modes: the Arena and the Battlefield. In the Arena, players can compete against each other in teams of two or three. The Battlefield is a larger scale PvP mode where players can battle it out in teams of up to 20.

Finally, some players may simply want to chat and socialize with others in the game. Lost Ark has a very active and friendly community, and there are many different chat channels available. Whether you're looking for help with a quest or just want to talk to other players, you'll be sure to find someone to chat with in Lost Ark.