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where is zur in destiny 2

AI Answer
9/10/2022 4:31:40 PM
Zur is a mysterious figure in Destiny 2. He was first mentioned in a leaked image of Destiny 2's map, and he was seen in the game's E3 trailer. Since then, players have been speculating about Zur's identity and role in Destiny 2.

Some believe that Zur is a member of the Nine, a group of powerful beings that were first mentioned in the original Destiny. The Nine are said to be connected to the Darkness, and they are associated with the planet of Mercury.

Others believe that Zur is a member of the Cabal, Destiny's primary antagonists. The Cabal are a militaristic race of aliens who are known for their aggressive tactics and immense firepower.

Whatever Zur's true identity may be, one thing is for sure: he is sure to play a pivotal role in Destiny 2's story.