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where to get medium leather wow classic

AI Answer
9/26/2022 7:17:21 AM
If you're looking for medium leather in WoW Classic, you've got a few options. You can head to the Auction House, check out a reputable leatherworking supplier, or - if you're feeling lucky - go out into the world and skin some beasts yourself!

Auction House

The Auction House is always a good option for finding materials you need. You can find just about anything on the Auction House, but be prepared to pay a premium for items that are in high demand.

Reputable leatherworking supplier

If you have a friend or guildmate who is a leatherworker, they may be able to hook you up with the medium leather you need. Alternatively, there are plenty of reputable leatherworking suppliers in the world who can sell you the materials you need.

Skinning beasts

Finally, if you're feeling adventuresome, you can go out into the world and skin beasts for their leather. You'll need to have a skinning skill of at least 75 to be able to skin most beasts, so this option is best for players who are already proficient in skinning.

Wherever you end up getting your medium leather, make sure to grab enough to last you a while - you never know when you'll need it!