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where to get sage ffxiv

AI Answer
9/15/2022 8:23:13 AM
Sage is a herb in the game Final Fantasy XIV. It is used to make potions and food.

There are many ways to get sage. You can buy it from certain vendors, find it while exploring, or grow it yourself.

To buy sage, look for the following vendors:

- G Noils in South Shroud (x23.4, y21.6)
- Gysahl Greens Grocer in Central Shroud (x27.6, y20.8)

- Flower Shop in Central Shroud (x11.2, y12.0)
- G Noils in Central Shroud (x10.8, y11.6)

- Elixircomber in The Goblet (x11.8, y9.2)
- G Noils in The Golden Bazaar (x4.8, y9.2)
- Potioneer in The Lavender Beds (x11.4, y8.0)

If you want to find sage while exploring, keep an eye out in the following areas:

- South Shroud (x23.4, y21.6)
- Central Shroud (x27.6, y20.8)
- Central Shroud (x11.2, y12.0)
- Central Shroud (x10.8, y11.6)
- The Goblet (x11.8, y9.2)
- The Golden Bazaar (x4.8, y9.2)
- The Lavender Beds (x11.4, y8.0)

Alternatively, you can grow sage yourself by planting sage seeds in a garden. Sage seeds can be bought from the vendors listed above, or obtained from harvesting fully grown sage plants.