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where to get wealth runes lost ark

AI Answer
9/15/2022 8:22:33 AM
There are a few ways to get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark, most of which involve farming specific locations.

Wealth Runes are primarily used to purchase items from the shop, so players will want to make sure they have plenty on hand before heading out on their next expedition. The first thing to do is check the player's current Wealth Runes balance. This can be done by going to the player's menu and selecting the information icon ( gameplay menu > settings > information). Doing this will bring up a screen that displays the amount of Wealth Runes the player currently has.

If the player has a low amount of Wealth Runes, they will want to make sure to farm some before continuing. Fortuna Islet, Arkarium, and Mausoleum are all great places to farm Wealth Runes. These locations tend to have a lot of high-level enemies, so players should be prepared for a tough battle.

Once the player has a good amount of Wealth Runes, they can start spending them at the shop. The shop offers a variety of items, including gear, consumables, and more. Players can also use Wealth Runes to purchase upgrades for their ship.

That's all there is to know about Wealth Runes in Lost Ark. Be sure to check back often for more Lost Ark guides and walkthroughs!