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where to learn plate armor in wow classic

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9/15/2022 8:21:45 AM
Where to Learn Plate Armor in WoW Classic

Just like weapons, armor is crucial for survival in World of Warcraft Classic. The type of armor you wear will depend on your class, and each class has its own set of armor that is most effective. Plate armor is the strongest and most protective type of armor, and is ideal for tanking and protecting yourself in melee combat. If you're looking to learn how to craft and wear plate armor in Classic WoW, here's everything you need to know.


Plate armor can only be crafted by blacksmiths with the Armorsmithing specialization. You'll need to learn this specialization from a blacksmithing trainer, which can be found in most major cities. Once you have Armorsmithing, you'll be able to learn recipes for different types of plate armor from blacksmithing trainers or by locatingarmor plans.

Plate Armor Recipes

There are several types of plate armor that can be crafted by blacksmiths, each with their own distinct looks and benefits. The following are some of the most popular types of plate armor that can be created:


Plate helms offer the best protection for the head, and are essential for any warrior or paladin looking to tank. Common recipes for helms include the Lionheart Helm, helmet of Ten Storms, and Helm of the Righteous.


Plate shoulders are great for additional protection, and are often worn alongside a helm. Recipes for plate shoulders include the Tempered Saronite Shoulders and Titansteel Guardian.


The chest is one of the most vulnerable areas in combat, which is why a good chestplate is essential. Thick and protective, chestplates offer excellent coverage and are a must-have for any tank. Popular recipes include the Saronite Breastplate and Thorium Bodyguard.


Plate boots offer good protection for the feet, and are often crafted with extra padding to provide comfort during long battle. Recipes for plate boots include the Treads of Destiny and Treads of the Past.


Plate bracers offer protection for the wrists, and are often decorated with wristguards for additional coverage. Common recipes for bracers include the Magnificent Bracers and Saronite defender.


Plate gauntlets offer excellent protection for the hands,