Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Raszageth in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

This is a three phase fight with a brief intermission

Phase One

We recommend having your group neatly stacked for this phase as it makes it so much easier to handle the mechanics.

Electric Scales Raszageth will be doing damage to the entire raid periodically and occasionally will cast Electric Lash on random players.

Electrified Jaws [Tank Mechanic] Does damage to the current active tank and increases the damage they take by a 100% for 30 seconds, you should tank swap after each Electrified Jaws cast.

Static Charge will mark 3 players with a huge circle, targeted players should run behind the main stack group and drop their stacks near the edges of the platform. It is important to drop the charge behind the raid as the Static Field that is left behind needs to be utlitized to avoid Raszageth’s next ability.

On Heroic this ability will grow in size the longer you stay in it.

Hurricane Wing at 100 energy Raszageth will use Hurricane Wing which pushes all the players back, far enough to be thrown of the platform. If you are still neatly stacked and have been dropping the Static Field behind you then you should be okay! As the Static Field will prevent you from getting pushed back too far. Make sure to get back to your original positions fast as Static Field does damage to you as long as you stay on it.

Volatile Current players will also be targeted by Volatile Current which marks everyone with a yellow circle, avoid hitting each other with that and spread it out. When the debuff expires adds will spawn that can be interrupted or crowd controlled to get rid of them.

On Heroic Two adds will spawn instead. Make sure to interupt/purge or crowd control them

Lightning Strikes are blue swirlies that should be dodged as they do damage and stun you.

Lightning Breath Raszageth will face a random player and use Lightning breath, if you’re still neatly stacked you should be able to easily get out of its way.

Intermission One

When the boss reaches 65% HP she will fly away and start intermission one. You should have your raid split evenly into two groups and move to the edges of the platforms. You will be knocked away from the main platform and onto the other ones.

Each platform will have three Surging Ruiner adds that start the combat with a shield, once the shield is broken a bunch of small adds will appear and should be interrupted and killed as quickly as possible.

On heroic difficulty the small adds will gain a big haste buff when they are low hp so you need to be careful of that.

Players will also be occasionally targeted by Surging Blast and should move out and avoid hitting other players.

Raszageth will also be flying around the platforms casting Lightning Devasation and it needs to be dodged.

Once all the adds are dead you can take the teleporter and start phase two.

Phase Two

The boss will keep all her Phase one abilities and will have a few extra changes.

Tempest Wing will release a huge blue shockwave that will push all the players away, you need to quickly run through the ring and towards the boss to avoid falling off

Fulminating Charge will target a couple of players with a huge blue circle around them, they will also be heavily slowed. Upon expiration the circle will do AoE damage to everyone in it and spread it around. Make sure that your raid is away from the circles. Abilities like Hand of Freedom will help the targeted players run to safety.

Stormsurge at 100 energy Raszageth will apply a massive shield to herself and begins doing a ramping raid wide damage as long as the shield holds. You need to dps the shield down as fast as possible.

During the shield all players will recieve the Stormcharged buff with both Positive and Negative charges. Pre Assign markers for each Charge. Standing near players with your same charge will increase your damage and healing by 200%, standing near players with the opposite mark will instead cause you both to take some damage. On Heroic difficulty coming into contact with player with an opposite mark will cause an explosion.

Once the boss reaches 25% hp or if the vaualt integerity drops to 0 Raszageth will fly off once more and an add [2 on heroic] will spawn

Intermission Two

Crackling Energy will be doing raid wide AoE damage

[Heroic] Two adds will spawn on heroic difficulty and they need to be killed at the same time. Make sure to split your group and kill both adds at the same time.

Storm Break will cause the add to teleport away, spawn a bunch of little adds, the little adds will start running towards the big one and if they reach it they heal it and give it a damage boost, make sure to use crowd control and kill the adds as fast as possible.

Raszageth will still be flying by using Lightning Devasataion so stay out of its way

Once the add is dead position yourself towards the main platform as you’ll be knocked back towards it for the rest of the fight.

Phase Three

Raging Storm starts forming around the edges of the platforms and slowly moves in towards the middle and eventually covering the entire platform. You have to kill the boss before the entire platform is covered.

Raszageth will keep all her abilities from phase two and add some extra ones to spice it up.

Thunderous Blast [Tank Mechanic] will deal a huge amount of damage to the current active tank and after two seconds it will explode doing damage based on how much damage Thunderous Blast did to the tank. Make sure Tanks use some Major defensive cooldowns and maybe ask for some externals from your healers.

This will also apply a damage modifier to the tank and you should swap after each.

Magnetic Charge [Heroic] the boss will mark a player and after a brief delay they will explode doing damage and pulling everyone to their location. The Damage is based on how far you are from the raid so try to get some distance to reduce the damage.

This should be it to take down Raszageth on Normal and Heroic difficulty!

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