Rotface, one of the formidable bosses nestled within the Plagueworks wing of Icecrown Citadel, offers an encounter that thoroughly examines the raid’s ability to master various mechanics, encompassing kiting, strategic positioning, and the continuous menace of oozes.


Ooze Flood: Inflicts 5,363 to 5,637 damage every second and diminishes movement speed by 25% for 5 seconds.

Slime Spray: Engages in a 5-second spray, dealing 5,363 to 5,637 Nature damage to foes within a cone.

Mutated Infection: Inflicts 3,900 to 4,100 shadow damage every second while concurrently diminishing healing received by 50% for 12 seconds. Upon the removal of the Infection, a petite ooze materializes at the target’s location.

Sticky Ooze: Delivers 2,925 to 3,075 damage every second and slashes movement speed by 50%.

Weak Radiating Ooze: Imparts 3,413 to 3,587 damage to enemies every 2 seconds while inducing the Little Ooze to merge with other nearby Oozes.

Radiating Ooze: Administers 4,388 to 4,612 damage to enemies every 2 seconds, thereby triggering the Big Ooze to merge with other nearby Oozes.

Unstable Ooze: Elevates damage dealt by 20%, accumulating to 10 stacks. Each instance an ooze merges with the Big Ooze, a stack is applied.

Unstable Ooze Explosion: Initiates 9,750 to 10,250 damage to enemies. This is a consequence of the Big Ooze merging with other oozes five times.


General: The essence of this encounter revolves around the effective management of oozes that materialize throughout the battle. Players must maintain spatial awareness, positioning themselves strategically, and be ready to kite and merge oozes as necessitated. Rotface should be stationed in the room’s center, with the raid congregated behind him. An appointed kiter, often a tank, should oversee the management of the Big Oozes.

Positioning: Players should uphold a significant distance from one another to forestall the dissemination of Slime Spray. It is advantageous for players, including ranged ones, to position themselves closely to Rotface for more agile evasion of Slime Spray. Players bearing the Mutated Infection should transport themselves to a predetermined location, facilitating the birth of the Small Ooze, which can then be manipulated by the kiter.

Ooze Management: Small Oozes originate from players affected by Mutated Infection. These oozes should be kited and consolidated with the Big Ooze. Once two Small Oozes or a Small Ooze and a Big Ooze intersect, they unite. The objective is to merge oozes until the Big Ooze attains a size of 5, at which juncture it detonates. Players must shun occupying the trajectory of the Big Ooze and be prepared to relocate when it eventually explodes.

Slime Spray: Periodically, Rotface launches a Slime Spray in a random direction. Players must expeditiously reposition themselves behind Rotface to evade sustaining damage.

Mutated Infection: Players afflicted by Mutated Infection should detach themselves from the raid and await the birth of the Small Ooze. Upon its manifestation, the Small Ooze must be guided and merged with other oozes.


Death Knights are highly effective for kiting duties owing to their extensive threat-generation abilities and Chains of Ice for snaring. Mages should exercise caution and abstain from using Mirror Image, which might cause confusion within the oozes’ aggro dynamics. Paladins can lend assistance by employing Hand of Freedom to liberate players from the grip of slows or snares. Healers should accord priority to players affected by Mutated Infection and brace themselves for raid-wide damage during the Unstable Ooze Explosion.

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