Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

In this guide we will be covering Ruby Life Pools


Hailbombs Does moderate party wide damage and will cause a swirly to appear under every player, that swirly will leave an icicle on the floor that does damage if players run into it. General strategy is to stay neatly grouped and drop the icicles at once spot

Chillstorm: Targets a player with a big debuff that slows and does damage periodically when the debuff expires it will leave a huge zone on the floor that deals massive damage to anyone standing in it. Drop this is far away from your party as you can and get out of it quickly

Frost Overload: The boss will start channeling on the eggs gaining a massive shield, spawning a bunch of adds and dealing heavy damage to the entire party. You need to be able to break the shield in order to interrupt the channel. Group up the adds quickly and cleave them down with the boss to make interrupting easier.

Infused Whelps: The adds of this fight apply Primal chill whenever they attack a target, that is a stacking debuff that will stun you once it reaches 8 stacks healers make sure to dispel if anyone reaches high stacks.

-Stay neatly grouped up and drop Hailbombs in patches next to each other to make it easier to move around the icicles
-Run away from the group with the Chillstorm debuff and once dropped quickly get out of it to avoid dying
-Try to bring all the Infused Whelps adds to the boss during Frost Overload
-Control the Infused whelps with any crowd control abilities you have and cleave them down with the boss
-Focus the boss during Frost Overload to break the shield and make the boss interruptable to avoid taking too much damage
-Healers should use healing cooldowns during Frost Overload and Chillstorm if needed
-Healers should keep an eye out on the Primal Chill stacks as they will stun any player who reaches 8 stacks and dispel if needed

Kokia Blazehoof

Searing Blows: [Tank Mechanic] The boss will hit the tank with Searing Blows leaving behind a nasty dot, tanks should use proper mitigation for this and healers might need to spot heal them

Ritual of Blazebinding: Every time the boss reaches 100 energy she will target a random player with Ritual of Blazebinding that is a massive AoE ground effect that spawns an add.

Blazebound Firestorm: The add spawned by Ritual of Blazebinding, this add cannot be moved and will chain cast Roaring Blaze Make sure to have an interrupt rotation ready for this one as it is really important to kick.
Inferno: The add will periodically cast Inferno which is a party wide heavy damage. healers make sure everyone is topped up before this ability happens.
Burnout: Upon death the add will explode doing heavy damage to everyone in the circle and covering the entire area in fire

Molten Boulder: The boss will periodically also use Molten Boulder, which targets a random player with a huge rolling ball, if players are hit by this ability they take massive damage and are stunned for 3 seconds, this ability will roll forward if it didnt hit any players leaving behind a trail of fire on the floor.

-You should always aim to bait both the adds and boulder to a safe distance behind you and towards and old and existing flame patches on the floor
-Make sure to keep the add interrupted
-Move out of Burnout as fas as you can
-Bait out the Molten Boulder away from the add so the melee are able to attack it
-Use personal defensive cooldownds and healing cooldowns during the add Inferno cast as it does some high damage
-Avoid baiting the boulder into trees or tables as it will instantly explode and could easily wipe your group
-Tanks and healer should pay attention to Searing Blows and use cooldowns wisely.

Kyrakka/Erkhart Stormvein

This is a two phase fight, first phase Kyrakka will be flying around and you will have Eckhart to dps, phase 2 when Kyrakka reaches 50% and the 2 bosses will be together for you to easier cleave.


Roaring Firebreath: the boss will cast a huge frontal in a random direction, make sure to stay out of its way, getting hit by this will apply a stack of Infernocore
Flamespit: The boss will target a random player and applies one stack of Infernocore to them. in phase 2 this ability will target 3 players instead.
Infernocore: is a stacked debuff that deals ticking fire damage and will spawn Flaming Embers when it expires. Make sure to drop the debuff away from your group to avoid running out of space, especially in phase 2.
Flaming Embers: When Infernocore expires it will leave behind a couple of fire puddles on the floor that last till the end of the fight and deals damage to anyone standing in them


Stormslam: [Tank Mechanic] The boss will periodically cast Stormlash on the tank which deals a lot of damage and applies a magic damage increase, this is a dispellable debuff and healers should dispel it as soon as they can

Interrupting Cloudburst: The boss will channel for a couple of seconds once the cast is finished the party will take a moderate amount of damage and all spell casts will be interrupted, make sure to stop casting when the boss does that to avoid getting locked out.

Winds of Change: the boss will also use Winds of Change which does party wide damage and pushes all players and fire puddles on the floor to a random direction for 5 seconds watch for the flames on the floor and try not getting pushed into one or out of the platform

-In phase one you should tank the boss in the middle and near the entrance and you should be focusing the dragon
-Stop casting during Interrupting Cloudburst to avoid getting locked out
-Dodge the Firebreath
-Drop your inferocore stacks on the sides
-Avoid getting pushed off the platform and avoid having the flame patches pushed into you
-Avoid standing in the flame patches left by infernocore
-Once the dragon is at 50% hp and phase two starts you should use bloodlust and your cooldowns and cleave bosses down but aim to kill the dragon first
-Dispel the tank once they are hit by Stormslam

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