Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Sennarth, The Cold Breath in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

This is a two phase fight with some really cool and interesting mechanics, so lets get into it!

Phase One:

Web Blast [Tank Mechanic] Web Blast will be periodically cast on the tank doing an increasingly amount of damage. You can tank swap around 5-7 stacks, but you should consult your raidleader about it!

Breath of Ice The boss will periodically spawn batches of Ice around random players, standing on the ice will cause players to take damage, limit their movement and cause them to slide to one direction.

Chilling Blast Players will also be targted by Chilling Blast which deals ticking damage and explodes after 5 seconds doing damage to everyone 4 yards around them. Try to stay loosely spread to avoid hitting your raid members with it.

Enveloping Webs Will be cast on a couple of random players, players with that debuff will drop batches of Sticky Web on the floor every second for 6 seconds. Important to note that standing in the Sticky Web left by this ability will reduce your movment speed and prevent you fro behind pulled or pushed by the boss but also give you a stacking debuff that will root you on normal difficulty and stun you on heroic. Avoid standing in the Webs for too long.

Gossamer Burst The boss will pull all players to her location and attempt to knock them off the platform. Getting knocked off the platform will cause you to be stunned and can only be broken out by the small spiders. To deal with this ability run as far away as you can from the boss, use blinks and dashes or stand in the Sticky Webs for a little bit.


Frostbreath Arachnid One big spider add will spawn per platform and it needs to be picked up, Dpsd and tanked near the boss.

Chilling Aura is an aura that stays as long as the big spider is alive which causes a ramping AoE damage, means the big spider needs to be killed as fast as possible.

Freezing Breath is a frontal cone cast by the big spider, make sure the tanks face it away from the raid.

Caustic Spiderling Small spiders will periodically spawn during the boss fight, these will need to be killed as well. When the small spiders die they will explode doing some damage but also removing all Sticky Webs stacks. If your stacks are getting high make sure to remove them. Tip; using any movement freeing abilities also removes the Sticky Web stacks; Hand of Freedom, Sprint, Vengeful Retreat, etc..

The boss will start moving between different platforms using the exact same mechanics until she reaches platform four and phase 2 starts

Phase Two:

Apex of Ice Once the boss reaches the last platform she will start casting Apex of Ice this will need to be interrupted once everyone is at the last platform.

Suffocating Webs The boss will target a couple of players with Suffocating Webs causing a small knockback and the affected players to be Wrapped in Webs [Heavely slowed on Normal and stunned on higher difficulties]  Suffocating Webs can be removed by dragging and killing the Small spiders over the affected players.

Chilling Blast will still work the same way it did on phase one with an extra effect. Chilling Blast explosion now leaves behind a Glacial Plume, when a player comes in contact with it, it will explode doing moderate damage and knocking players away. Note; Glacial Plumes disappears after it explodes, have some of your classes with immunities to clear the area if its getting crowded.

Repelling Burst Instead of the boss pulling everyone in she will now knock everyone away, try to get close to the boss to avoid getting knocked off the platform.


And that should be it for Sennarth the Cold Breath, have fun skating!

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