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Shrouded Hero Title

Shrouded Hero Title Boost

Shrouded Hero achievement and title are rewarded to the top 0.1% Mythic+ players on each faction for Shadowlands Season 4! This is a very reputable achievement and is very hard to obtain, especially if you're new or don't like mythic plus grind.

Our team is made of dedicated, experienced and top mythic plus players that will ensure you get the ratings needed to end up with the Tormented Hero achievement and title.

Since 9.2 is ending soon and with it Season 4 of Shadowlands as well, this title will become unavailable and one of the rarest in the game, so make sure to order your boost today and get to the ladder cut-off before the time runs out! 

What will I get?

  • Achievement: Keystone Master: Season 4
  • Achievement: Shrouded Hero: Shadowlands Season 4


  • Mount: -
  • Title: “Shrouded Hero


  • Gear: You will now be able to upgrade your dungeon gear to the current max ilvl 298
  • All Shadowlands Mythic + dungeons completed at level 22-27+
  • Mythic + Ratings, enough to be in 0,1%
  • You get to keep all the loot dropped during the boost

Our team will guarantee the service is done on time and at the fastest possible rate.
Loot options are also available, you can add up to 3 extra traders and make sure you get the maximum amount of gear! Make sure to book this boost soon before its too late!


Level 60 character

An active account on either region, EU or US

Shrouded Hero Title
Discount Applied!