Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

This time we arer covering everyone’s favorite dungeon Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Sadana Bloodfury

Daggerfall: Targets random players and spawns a dagger at their location that will do damage on impact and more damage if you stay within 4 yards of the dagger

Whispers of the Dark Star: this is a channeled ability that deals heavy party wide damage we recommend using personal defensive or healer cooldowns for this ability to avoid falling behind

Dark Communion: Will spawn an add that moves towards the boss if the add reaches the boss she will heal for 20% of her health and gain a damage buff, this add is priority and can be cc’d you should kill it as soon as possible.

Dark Eclipse: is a big aoe ability that does lethal damage to all players outside one of the lunar purity zones, quickly get into one of the white runes on the floor to avoid taking damage from this ability

-Avoid getting hit by the initial damage from Daggerfall and avoid staying within 4 yards of it
-You can start the boss at the entrance of the room to bait the first three daggers there which will clear a lot of room space for later on
-Use personal defensive cooldowns and healing cooldowns to keep up with the damage from Whispers of the Dark Star
-Quickly switch to the add when it spawns and make sure to kill it before it reaches the boss or the cast is finished
-Make sure to get to one of the white runes on the floor during Dark Eclipse to be able to survive


Void Blast: [Tank Mechanics] this ability will target the tank with a cone attack that does a lot of damage and should be mitigated. Face the boss away from your party to avoid hitting your teammates with this.

Planar Shift: The boss will teleport to a random player and start casting Planar shift doing heavy damage to anyone standing in the zone. Quickly get out of the zone as the field will slow your movement speed.

Soul Steal: Targets player and removes their soul summon an add that you need to quickly kill. After killing the add you will need to click your soul to reclaim it and gain 40% damage buff. You need to quickly kill the soul add as the longer it takes the mor damage you will take.

Void Devastation: will cause multiple swirlies to appear on the floor and should be dodged all the time

-Tank shoud preaim Void Blast away from the entire party
-Quickly move away from the boss after Planar Shift to avoid taking damage
-During the Soul Steal phase you’ll be taking increasing damage you need to kill the soul as fast as you can and click it to get out so the healers can top you off
-Dodge all the swirlies!


Body Slam: is a line ground attack that will deal massive damage and knock players away. Try to get out of its path

Corpse Breath: Will throw puddles on the floor underneath a player that does damage and slow you if you stand in them

Inhale: Is a long channel ability that will pull all players towards the boss if you reach the boss you will be spat out off the platform. Standing in Puddles left by corpse breath will prevent you from getting pulled to boss
Carrion Worms: those adds will spawn during the fight. You should consult with your group if you’re killing them of focusing boss instead. You might need to dodge some extra Body Slam if choose to keep them alive/

-Avoid getting hit by the Body Slams as it will do a lot of damage and send you flying off the platform
-Your ranged players should bait the Corpse Breath puddles to spawn near the melee players so they can attack the boss during inhale
ONLY stand in the Corpse Breath puddles during inhale to avoid the pull
-If you fall off the platform you will be silenced and you will need to find a water tornado to fly you back in
-Kill or ignore the Carrion Worm adds that spawn during the fight


Omen of Death: Targets a player and spawns a rune under them doing based on their distance. Try to move immediately when you see the ability.

Malevolence: will target a random player with a huge frontal cone that does massive damage and if hit players will deal 50% reduced damage for a couple of seconds

Ritual of Bones: Summons a wall of skeletons that slowly walks through the platform getting hit by the wall lines will leave a nasty debuff that does lethal damage. Pick one of the skeleton adds and dps it quickly to create a safe path through.

-Have one of your mobile ranged dps or healer to bait out the Omen of Death away from your group
-Omen of Death damage is proximity based you can completely ignore this damage if you move out of the spawn location as fast as you can
-Avoid getting hit by Malevolence as it does really high damage and even if you survive you will be doing 50%  reduced damage
-Quickly select a skeleton to dps and start kiling it to create a safe passage through the Ritual of Bones

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