Once the esteemed consort of Malygos, Sindragosa was reanimated by the Lich King to assume her role as the formidable queen of the Frostbrood. Her frigid howls reverberate throughout the ominous halls of Icecrown Citadel, foreboding doom for any brave enough to stand against her.


  1. Frost Breath: Discharges a cone of Frost damage upon adversaries situated in front of her.
  2. Icy Grip: Exerts an irresistible force, drawing all players towards her location.
  3. Blistering Cold: Administers substantial Frost damage to all players in close proximity, post Icy Grip.
  4. Unchained Magic: Inflicts players with a debuff that imposes stacking repercussions for any spell cast. Upon debuff expiration, damage is incurred per stack.
  5. Permeating Chill: Melee assailants confronting Sindragosa may contract a debuff, inducing Frost damage over time.
  6. Ice Tomb: Enshrouds a player in an ice block, resulting in periodic Frost damage. To liberate the encased player, other players must annihilate the tomb.
  7. Frost Beacon: Identifies players as targets to become airborne Ice Tombs during the aerial phase.
  8. Mystic Buffet: Elevates the susceptibility to magic damage over time, with its potency heightening during the airborne phase.


Ground Phase:

  • Players should maintain a spread formation to curtail the damage from Frost Breath and be ready to vacate Sindragosa’s vicinity when she executes Icy Grip, as Blistering Cold promptly ensues.
  • Prudent restraint in spellcasting is advised for players affected by Unchained Magic to prevent excessive stack accumulation.
  • Melee DPS should be wary of Permeating Chill and should promptly shift targets if their stack count becomes unmanageable.

Air Phase:

  • Ascending into the air, Sindragosa selects multiple players and designates them with Frost Beacon. Following a brief duration, these players are encased in Ice Tombs. The raid’s utmost priority is to expediently liberate these players by eradicating the ice tombs.
  • Players not marked by Frost Beacon should take cover behind the Ice Tombs to shield themselves from Sindragosa’s Frost Bomb attack.
  • Healers should be poised for augmented raid damage during the aerial phase due to Mystic Buffet.


  • Effective communication is pivotal, particularly during the aerial phase, to ensure players take cover behind Ice Tombs and accord the highest priority to freeing their trapped comrades.
  • Players should remain vigilant concerning their debuffs and adapt their gameplay as warranted, especially when ensnared by Unchained Magic.
  • Tanks should be primed for tank-transition mechanics due to debuffs and should confirm that Sindragosa is positioned away from the raid to avert any incidental cleave damage.

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