A quick guide on how to take down the second boss of the new raid, Skolex the insatiable, or you can also order raid boosts from our website
Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid of Shadowlands, featuring eleven new bosses and the final one being Zooval the Jailer. In this guide the PewPewShop team will highlight all the important boss abilities and tactics to quickly guide you through each fight.



Skolex, The Insatiable is the second boss of the instance.

  • Defeating both Skolex and Artificer Xy’mox unlocks Halondrus.

Overview: Skolex ravages players with its vicious jaws and volatile energies. The great worm’s thrashings apply increasing applications of [Ephemera Dust].
If Skolex detects a single clump of players, it will burrow to that location with [Ravening Burrow], devour all [Ephemera Dust], and gain an application of [Insatiable].

Planning before the pull: 

  • Pre-Place two raid makers one under the boss and the other 30 yards away from the boss this will be used to bait Ravening Burrow to remove the debuff stacks later during the fight
  • designate two groups of three ranged players to stand furthest away from the boss (these players will receive extra stacks of Ephemera Dust and will be needing constant spot healing)

During the fight:

  • All players will constantly receive Ephemera Dust stacks, the three furthest players will receive extra stacks.
  • Stacking at the 30 yard marker will bait the boss into using Ravening Burrow which results in removing all the stacks. The boss will also gain a stack of Insatiable when he uses Burrow which gives him 5% increased damage till the end of the fight and that’s your enrage mechanic
  • Melee players will constantly need to dodge the swirlies from Devouring Blood, getting hit by that will do moderate damage and debuff you with -20% haste
  • Dodge Retch, a huge frontal cone that targets one random player
  •  Tanks need to stack until the boss reaches 100 Energy and spread for the tank combo (Tank never take two hits of either Riftmaw or Rend, this is your tank swap mechanic)

This is a pure single target fight with a lot of movement, so bloodlust at the start and nuke the boss down

And that is all you need to know to take down Skolex, The Insatiable on Normal and Heroic Difficulty.

Stay tuned for more guides!


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