During a recent interview with content creator Scottejaye, Blizzard officially confirmed that SoD Phase 2 will not include the Dual Spec feature.

Key Takeaways:

  • SoD Phase 2 won’t feature the Dual Spec feature despite community anticipation.
  • The developers acknowledged community interest. However, at the moment, they don’t have immediate plans for Dual Spec.
  • The possibility remains open for Dual Spec to debut in later Phases.

Blizzard’s recent interview with content creator Scottejaye unveiled that the highly anticipated Dual Spec feature will not be part of Season of Discovery (SoD) Phase 2. Despite the community’s eagerness for this addition, the developers clarified that there are no immediate plans for its integration. However, they didn’t close the door entirely, leaving room for Dual Spec to potentially debut in later phases.

There Won’t Be Dual Spec in SoD Phase 2

Dual Spec, first introduced during Wrath of the Lich King, revolutionized gameplay by allowing players to seamlessly switch between two sets of talents, glyphs, and action bars. This flexibility enables gamers to adapt to various gameplay situations without the need to manually reset their talents each time, facilitating transitions between roles like tanking, healing, or dealing damage.

Despite the fervent requests from the community, Clayton Stone confirmed that Dual Spec won’t be introduced in Phase 2. While expressing the developers’ shared interest in the feature, he mentioned that further discussions about its implementation are not currently on the table.

“I do want everyone to know that we hear you, and it is something that many of us want as well, but not ready to have more discussions about that just yet.”
— Clayton Stone

The absence of Dual Spec in Phase 2 may disappoint many players. However, the possibility remains open for its inclusion in later phases. For now, players may want to focus on wrapping up Phase 1, as Phase 2 will soon arrive!

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