Prepare for the imminent arrival of SoD Phase 2, bringing a host of news, features, and the much-anticipated Gnomeregan raid. Amidst the excitement, players are speculating about the future of Blackfathom Deeps and its potential role as a leveling raid.

Phase 2 of Season of Discovery launches on February 8th

Josh Greenfield’s Tease on Twitter Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield recently teased fans on Twitter, hinting that Blackfathom Deeps will retain its significance in Phase 2 and possibly beyond:

“Stay tuned for more info! We did call them level-up raids for a reason.” – Josh Greenfield (@AggrendWoW) January 18, 2024

Player Concerns and Feedback However, concerns have surfaced among players regarding the scaling of raids and dungeons in SoD. Some express hesitations about a repetitive grind for scaled-up items, emphasizing the importance of having a distinct endpoint in the gaming experience.

“Please don’t make the raids level up with the player. I can’t imagine doing BFD every 3 days for the next year to refarm scaled up items. One of the best things about classic is there’s an end point. That’s the worst part of retail.” – Clown World (@BlizzardClowns) January 18, 2024

“Hope this does not mean level up on difficulty. The main reason I don’t play retail is the environment that levels with you. It’s ok and fun to outlevel content.” – metatron (@_m3tatr0n) January 19, 2024

Player Enthusiasm for Leveling Raids Conversely, many players are intrigued by the prospect of leveling raids, seeing it as an opportunity to enhance the ‘end game’ content with each phase.

“Level up raids kinda remind me of raids with old school runescape where there are modifiers you can put on the raid to make it harder for a higher chance of good loot. Could be an interesting concept in SoD.” – Brandon Hickmott (@BrandonHickmott) January 19, 2024

“Oh my. This means the raids are going to ‘level up’ with the players, permanently increasing the amount of ‘end game’ content available in each phase. Actually sounds amazing. Y’all are cooking!” – Tyrannosaurus Flex (@jmorris620) January 18, 2024

Awaiting Further Updates For now, players eagerly await further updates on the specific role Blackfathom Deeps will play in the leveling process. As Season of Discovery Phase 2 gears up for release on February 8, the Gnomeregan raid is not the sole addition, promising an exciting and evolving gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more details!

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