No more “you can’t carry any more of those.” In SoD Phase 2, players can now stack up to 12 Waylaid Supplies in one inventory slot!

Key Takeaways:

  • Waylaid Supplies are no longer Unique.
  • SoD Phase 2 allows players to carry up to 12 Waylaid Supplies in one stack, improving inventory organization.
  • The WoW community widely praises the upgrade as a significant quality-of-life improvement.

Players of World of Warcraft can rejoice as a much-awaited improvement has arrived in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Lead Software Engineer Ana Resendez, in an exclusive interview with Scottejaye, revealed that the once unique Waylaid Supplies will no longer be Unique.

12 Waylaid Supplies Will Take up Only One Inventory Slot

Although Resendez didn’t specify the new maximum quantity that one inventory slot can hold, numerous players have confirmed that Waylaid Supplies can now stack up to 12:

Fans express their elation with this quality-of-life enhancement:

  • Oh thank God lol” — Icebish
  • Should have been this from the start. Sadly, inventory management is one of my personal pet peeves and SoD was a disaster for that (DF rapidly approaching critical mass for me too). I lost interest (not just for this of course). Concept of SoD is good, but I need that QoL.” — D Learned

What about you? Share your thoughts on this Waylaid Supplies upgrade in the comments! And if you’re eager to learn more about what lies ahead in Phase 2, check out this article

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