Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Terros, the second boss in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

This is a one-phase patchwerk style fight that is entierly single target. We will talk about his key abilities and the best ways to handle them.

Rock Blast will target a random player with a huge circle that after a delay will deal massive damage that is split between nearby players. You want to move this closer to the boss and have everyone soak it.

Awakened Earth during Rock Blast a few players will be targeted by Awakened Earth debuff, this number will increase throughout the fight. After a brief delay the debuff will expire and a spawn a pillar under each player affected. The pillars will pulse AoE damage for as long as they stay alive. During Rock Blast you want to position Awakened Earth debuff around the circle, a couple of on each side to make it easier for the tanks to clear them.

Concussive Slam [Tank Mechanic] Terros will target his current tank with Concussive Slam which is a tank beam that does heavy damage, increases the damage tank takes from the ability and breaks any Awakened Earth Pillars caught in its path. You want your tank to aim Concussive Slam through the pillars and break them. We recommend swapping at 2 stacks but you should consult your raid leader!

Shattering Impact  Targets the floor under a player with a 12 yard circle that does damage to everyone after a brief delay.

Fractured Rubble happens after Shattering Impact and Resonating Annihilation which is a small swirly on the floor that you need to periodically avoid, Fractured impact also leaves a pool on the floor on heroic difficulty.

Resonating Annihilation Is a massive cone attack that targets a random player and after a delay does massive damage and covers a quarter of the arena with Resonating Aftermath. We recommend having your raid stacked up on one corner and moving to the next with the boss casts Resonating Annihilation. Note that you will need to kill the boss before the 4th Annihilation cast as that will trigger the boss’s enrage mechanic.


And that should be all you need to take down Terrors on Normal and Heroic Difficulties.

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