Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

This one is for the Azure Vault


Erupting Fissure: [Tank Mechanic] The boss will target the tank with a a huge frontal that does damage and knock players back this will also destroy any Sprouts (Trees) that are currently active. Note that this ability will not follow the tank once the cast is done and it needs to be pre aimed at the trees

Ley-Line Sprouts: This ability will spawn random sprouts (Trees) across the arena the trees don’t really do anything on their own but increase the damage of the bosses consuming stomp for every Tree that is active. One the trees are destroyed by any of the other bosses ability they will spawn    a bubbling sapling add.

Explosive Brand: The boss slams the ground doing a big party wide hit knocking all players back and debuffing them with a big circle for couple of seconds, upon expiration this circle will do some damage and destroy any Sprouts (Trees) that are currently active

Consuming Stomp: The boss absorbs energy from any Ley-line sprout (Tree) active and deals increasing damage for each one. It is very important to destroy all Sprouts you can before this ability is cast to avoid wipes.

-Tank should pre-aim Erupting Fissures to break as many trees as possible
-Pre assign camps for each player to avoid overlapping the brand and make sure you get all the  sprouts.
-The adds spawned by breaking the saplings will have a massive aoe circle around them when they die    make sure to stay out of that.
-Use personal defensive cooldowns and healing cooldowns during Consuming Stomp


This is an add management fight and adds should always be prioritized

Arcane Cleave: [Tank Mechanic] is a tank mechanic that will cleave all players around the tank, make sure you done accidently hit the group while you are moving the boss to the adds

Summon Draconic Image: the boss will periodically summon an add around the room that will cast Illusionary bolts at random targets, this must always be interrupted.

Ancient Orb: Fires an Orb towards a random players location simply just stay out of its way

Overwhelming Energy The boss will run to the middle of the room become immune to damage and cause party wide AoE damage as long as the four adds spawned are alive, these adds must be dealt with and killed quickly. During this ability random Ancient Orbs are gonna be fired all around the room. Make sure to kill the adds as quick as possible while avoiding the orbs.

-Do not stand infront of the boss to avoid getting hit by Arcane Cleaver
-Interrupt the Draconic Image add and kill it as soon as possible
-Dodge Ancient Orbs
-When the boss runs to the middle and goes into immunity phase, kill all the adds as quickly as possible to end the phase
-Healer should use some cooldowns during Overwhelming Energy to keep up with the pulsing damage.

Telash Greywing

Frost Bomb: debuffs all players with Frost Bomb after a brief delay all the bombs will explode doing damage and leaving a patch of frost on the floor. This patch of Frost will grown on size so try to drop all your debuffs neatly next to each other to avoid running out of space

Icy Devastator: the boss will channel into a random party member doing heavy damage to the target and everyone around them, make sure to get out of the group as fast as you can.

Absolute Zero: the boss will jump to the middle and start casting Absolute Zero after a brief delay this ability will deal massive damage to all players and root them for 10 seconds. To avoid dying to this ability you need to make your way to the Vault Rune which is a blue rune on the floor this will reduce all the damage you take by 50% as long as you’re in it

-Drop patches of Frostbomb neatly behind you as you make your way around the arena to avoid running out of space.
-Make sure to not drop the Frost Bombs on the vault rune!
-Spot heal players who are targeted by Icy Devastator, abilities that drop aggro like Shadowmeld, feign death will auto cancel this ability.
-Make sure everyone is stopped off during Absolute Zero.
-Run to the vault Rune during Absolute Zero to avoid dying


Dragon Strike: [Tank Mechanic] Does heavy damage and leaves a big DoT on the tank and should be mitigated with defensives.

Oppressive Miasma: Is an aura that is applied to everyone throughout the entire fight slowing any player that moves which stacks up, the slow lasts 4 seconds and will be refreshed every time you move, avoid making unnecessary movement until your stacks drop off.

Crystalline Roar: a frontal cone attack that targets a random player, make sure to get out of its way.

Unleashed Destruction: an AoE Party wide damage that knocks players back and you will probably get stacks of Oppressive Miasma walking back towards the boss

Detonating Crystal: Will spawn during the fight and start casting Fracture if the cast is finished it will apply a nasty damage over time effect to your group, these needs to be killed as soon as possible

Arcane Eruption: when the boss reaches 100 energy it will cast Arcane Eruption summoning Crackling Vortex which is a purple orb that does damage to anyone standing in it

-Try to limit your movement in this fight as getting high stacks of Oppressive Miasma could be lethal during the boss other abilities.
-Make sure you have as little stacks as possible when Detonating Crystals spawns as they are scattered around the room and needs to be killed as soon as possible.
-Dodge the Frontal ability cast by the boss
-Avoid getting hit by crackling vortex
-Abilities that remove slows will reset your debuff to 0, Hand of Freedom, Tiger’s lust, Sprint, Vengeful retreat, etc..

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