Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering The Primal Council, usually the third boss you fight in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

You will be fighting four bosses at once and they all have abilities that interact with one-another;


Crush: [Tank Mechanic] Opalfang will cast Crush on his current active tank dealing massive damage and increases physical damage tanken by 100% for 25. This is the other tanks queue to taunt swap.

Earthen Pillar: This ability will spawn a couple of Earthen Pillars around some random players that will deal damage if you stand on them while they erupt. on Heroic difficulty the pillars will periodically pulse raid wide AoE damage until they are cleared.

Embar Firepath

Slashing Blaze when Embar reaches 100 energy she will cast Slashing Blaze on her current active tank. This is a frontal cone ability that leaves a heavy DoT. Make sure your tank is facing Embar away from the raid and you want to taunt swap after Every Slashing Blaze cast.

Meteor Axes Two players will be targeted by Meteor Axes this ability does massive damage that is shared between all players. Make sure a couple of players help soak it. The initial damage from Meteor Axes will also break any Eathen Pillars and leave behind a big lava pool instead. Generally you want to destroy all the pillars you can so make sure that the players targeted by Meteor Axes are standing near a pillar. On heroic difficulty avoid overlapping the Meteor Axes as it does 300% increased damage.

Kadros Icewrath

Primal Blizzard The boss will start channeling for 10 seconds doing a ramping raid wide AoE damage and applying a stack of Primal Blizzard to all players, if you reach 10 stacks you will be stunned until broken out. Standing on a Lava Pool left by the Meteor Axes ability will clear your Primal Blizzard debuff. The general strategy here is to step on a lava pool once at around 5 stacks. Healers might need to use some cooldowns for this ability.

Frost Spike will be periodically cast at random players and should always be interrupted

Dathea Stormlash

Conductive Mark will target a couple of random players dealing damage that ramps up over 20 seconds. You will have a blue circle around you as an indicator of the mark, walking into another player will spread the mark to them. Walking into an Earthen Pillar will remove your debuff instead. When you get the mark on you try to get to a pillar as fast as possible without passing the debuff to other players.

Lightning Bolt will be periodically cast at random players and should always be interrupted.

Chain Lightning is a targeted ability that deals damage to a random player then will bounce to another one. Stay loosely spread to avoid bouncing this ability too many times.


The bosses need to be cleaved down and killed evenly at the same time.

And that should be all you need to take down The Primal Council in the Vault of the Incarnates!

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