As Season of Discovery Phase 2 approaches, Blizzard is rolling out a game-changing enhancement to accelerate player progression. Brace yourselves for a 50% Experience Buff tailored for levels 1 to 25, ensuring a swifter ascent through the early stages of the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Phase 2 of Season of Discovery introduces a 50% Exp buff for levels 1 to 25, aiding quicker leveling.
  • Players will also experience increased experience gains in the Blackfathom Deeps raid dungeon.
  • Exp gained from turning in Waylaid supplies will also be adjusted.

In a recent comprehensive preview of Season of Discovery Phase 2, Blizzard unveils not only the ban on GDKP runs and a tantalizing glimpse of the Stranglethorn Vale PvP Blood Moon event but also an enticing catch-up buff.

SoD Phase 2: +50% Exp Buff

This catch-up buff becomes a beacon of opportunity for players, offering a remarkable 50% experience boost, specifically designed to expedite the leveling journey from 1 to 25. As the curtain rises on Season of Discovery’s second phase on February 8, heroes of Azeroth can leverage this bonus to swiftly immerse themselves in the unfolding action.

Beyond the 50% Exp buff, players can anticipate a surge in experience gains upon triumphantly clearing the Blackfathom Deeps raid dungeon. Blizzard sheds light on this:

“Players will also see an increase in experience gained within the Blackfathom Deeps raid dungeon when it is cleared. The raid dungeon will still continue to run with the current lockout timer, and players will no longer gain the world buff beyond level 39, however.” — Blizzard

Additionally, Blizzard has fine-tuned the experience acquired from turning in Waylaid Supplies, with further details on these adjustments set to be disclosed soon.

Best Time to Level up in SoD:

Now emerges as a prime moment to embark on your Season of Discovery journey, given the 50% Exp buff awaiting eager adventurers. However, with Phase 2 merely a week away, it’s crucial to tie up loose ends from your Phase 1 escapade. For guidance on prioritizing your preparations, check out our article spotlighting the 11 essential tasks to complete before SoD Phase 2 here

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