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Professional Expertise

PewPewShop offers boosts executed by skilled and experienced players, ensuring efficient and successful outcomes in your gaming endeavors.


Safety and Security

With a commitment to 100% account safety, PewPewShop employs secure and legitimate methods, providing a risk-free environment for your gaming progression.


Customizable Options

Tailor your gaming experience with PewPewShop’s diverse range of boost options, allowing you to choose the services that best suit your needs, preferences, and playstyle.


Swift and Reliable Service

PewPewShop prioritizes timely delivery and completion, ensuring you experience minimal downtime and can swiftly enjoy the benefits of your chosen boosts.

What is PewPewShop?

PewPewShop was founded in 2013 with one goal: making gaming more achievable, accessible and enjoyable. It is more than a business; it is about enjoying the little things, especially in gaming. We cover a wide variety of games and pry ourselves to be one of the leading websites in gaming services.

What started as simple as a couple of gaming buddies offering various gaming boosts and services has turned into a community where many people from different parts of the world are connected with their love for gaming.

We are very personalized and care for each one of our customers. And it’s not all just about the gaming boosts. We craft and sell action figures and gaming goodies and often send gifts to some of our most valued members!

We are gamers, we are friends, and we are family!


We will never reply “No” to your request – we will tell you how much it costs.


  • In a market where scammers, bug abusers, and exploiters are shared, we guarantee you’re safe and secure with us.
  • Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.


  • We value your time at PewPewShop, and our managers will be with you as soon as possible to make your request as fast and smooth as possible.
  • We offer customized time frames where you can speed up or slow down your services as you please!


  • Most importantly, we are human.
  • Our services are personalized for you, and you will never feel like you are communicating with bots!

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