Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

This one is for Halls of Valor


Bloodletting Sweep: [Tank Mechanic] Deals some damage to the tank and applies a heavy bleed, use active mitigation on this ability
Dancing Blade: The boss throws a blade at a random players location that will stay on the ground and deal damage to anyone standing in it. Move out of its way.
Horn of Valor: Deals a massive amount of party wide damage and signals three storm drakes to breathe lighting across the arena
Storm Drakes: Three storm drakes will start breathing lighting across parts of the arena, covering each section with a Static Field that does lethal damage and also spawn tornadoes that move across all platforms. Look around after every Horn of Valor cast to see where the drakes are spawning and find a safe spot

-Dodge the intitial hit from Dancing Blade and avoid standing in it
-Use some personal defensive cooldowns for Horn of Valor maybe some healing cooldowns too
-After Horn of Valor is cast three drakes will start breathing down the arena, look around to tell which one is going in first.
-After the first drake crosses and the Static Field is cleared you can move there and you should be safe for the rest
-Avoid getting hit by the Storm Tornadoes
-Tanks should use active mitigation during Bloodletting Sweep.


This is a rotating 2 phase fight and is very heal intensive in general, after defeating the two mini bosses Solsten and Olmyr the Enlightened tanking Hyrja near any of them will empower her abilities.

Mystic Empowerment: Thunder
Tanking the boss near Solsten will empower her with Thunder, giving her unique abilities and increases the damage of those abilities and this effect stacks.

Arcing Bolt: Targets a random player deals some damage and will bounce to nearby targets, try to stay loosely spread to avoid the damage from this ability.
Eye of the Storm: The boss will start channeling and doing heavy party wide damage, you will need to get under the lightning shield to avoid dying to this ability.

Mystic Empowerment: Holy
Tanking the boss near Olmyr the Enlightened will give the boss unique abilities and will increase  the damage of those abilities and this effect stacks.

Shield of Light: [Tank Mechanics] the boss will fire a frontal beam at the tank that does massive damage and knock you back, all players apart from the tank should stay out of this ability. You should also use active mitigation as this ability hurts

Expel Light: Will target random players with a huge circle that does some moderate damage, top up players who are affected by this if they are low to avoid dying.

Sanctify: The boss will channel sanctify sending orbs flying forward from her location, this should be avoided at all cost.

-We recommend starting on Solsten as its the one with more boss uptime.
-You should look to switch sides around 7-10 stacks preferably after the unique phase ability
-Stand in the Lightning Shield during Eye of the Storm to avoid dying
-Stay loosely spread to avoid extra damage from Arcing Bolt
-Tanks should use active mitigation and defensive cooldowns during Shield of Light
-Players should dodge the beam from Shield of Light pointed at the tank
-Stay away with your Expel Light circle and don’t clip other players
-Move away from boss during Sanctify to avoid getting hit by the orbs


This is a two phase fight that will change once the boss drops to 60% hp

Phase One
Unnerving Howl: The boss will cast this ability doing damage to everyone and interrupting spell casting.

Ravenous Leap: The boss will target a couple of players and leap onto each one, doing some damage and applies a stacking bleed. Try to stay loosely spread and do not overlap the leaps to not get any extra stacks. If you are not targeted by the leap move away from other players.

Claw Frenzy: A big AoE circle around the boss that does a lot of damage evenly split between all targets, you need to have your entire group soak this mechanic.

Once the boss reaches 60% hp he will run away and start phase two

Phase two
Once you reach the boss phase two will start, Fenryr will keep all his abilities have some new and empowered ones
Unnerving Howl: Does some moderate AoE damage, interrupt spellcasting and will now summon three Ebonclaw Worg adds, those adds hit really hard and should be killed as soon as possible

Ravenous Leap: will be the exact same try to not stack up and watch your stacks as it will start hurting a lot more.

Scent of Blood: The boss will fixate on a random player and start hunting them, do not let the boss reach you.

Claw Frenzy: A big AoE circle around the boss that does a lot of damage evenly split between all targets, you need to have youe entire group soak this mechanic.

-Stop casting during Unnerving Howl to avoid getting locked out
-Move into the circle from Claw Frenzy to share the damage with the group
-Stay spread during Ravenous Leap to avoid getting extra stacks
-Kill the adds when they spawn as fast as possible
-Run away from boss during Scent of Blood, use abilities like Feign Death or Shadowmeld to end Scent of Blood early, using immunities will also give your group a higher boss uptime.
-Use some personal defensive cooldowns, healthstones, healing pots if your bleed stacks are too high to help your healer

God-King Skovald

Aegis of Aggramar: This shield should be picked up by the tank as its important to avoid Ragnarok.

Felblaze Rush: The boss will target a random player and charge them doing some AoE damage around the player and applying a debuff to any players struck. Move out of the group when you get targeted.

Ragnarok: The boss will start channeling Ragnarok doing massive party wide damage, Your tank or the player holding the Aegis of Aggrimar should press their extra action button this will create a shield at their location that you need to stand behind to avoid dying to Ragnarok.

After Ragnarok casts the boss will claim the shield and use it and you will only be able to attack the boss from behind the shield.
During Aegis of Aggramar the boss will also summon a bunch of flame adds that needs to be killed quickly, they will also leave patches of fire on the floor so avoid standing in that.

-Stand behind the Shield of Aggramar during Ragnarok to avoid dying
-Move away from other players if you are targeted by Felblaze Rush to avoid spreading the debuff
-Cleave and kill the Flame of Woe adds as soon as you can
-Healers should spot heal players affected by the Felblaze Rush debuff
-Do not stand in the green flames on the floor
-Tanks make sure to pick up the shield again after the boss uses it
-Tanks should pop some active mitigation during Savage Blade


Spear of Light: The boss will target a random area and drop a spear of light, this will deal damage and stun anyone if they stand in it. In addition these spears will fire Glowing Fragments out which are golden orbs that do a lot of damage and stun players if they are hit by them.

Radiant Tempest: The boss will pull all players in and start casting Radiant Tempest which will deal massive damage and knock players away. Try to save some movement abilities here as the distance you need to cover is pretty big.

Summon Stormforged Obliterator: the boss will also summon a Stormforged add that will chain cast Surge. This ability should always be interrupted, every time the add casts Surge it will deal massive party wide damage and increase Surge damage this effect stacks.

Shatter Spears: the boss will detonates all spears causing them to burst into 5 Glowing Orbs each and marks all players with Runic Brand.

Runic Brand The boss will brand each player with a different mark/color this ability will deal heavy ticking damage for 12 seconds. The rune pads on the floor will light up with different marks/colors quickly navigate to find your rune and stand in it to Draw Power, healing you to full and giving you 50% increased damage and healing. Stepping on the wrong rune will instead kill you so be careful

-Avoid getting hit by the spears
-Avoid getting hit by the glowing fragements
-Run away as soon as you get pulled in by the boss to avoid the damage from Radiant Tempest
-Make sure the add is always interrupted and control and shoud be killed as soon as possible
-After you get Runic Brand quickly find your rune to get the buff
-Avoid stepping on the wrong rune as it will kill you instantly
-Use cooldowns after you get your rune as you will have increased damage and healing

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