Unlock the elusive Shadowstep Rune, a prized possession for Rogues in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Follow this simple guide to add Shadowstep to your arsenal and dominate the shadows.

SoD Phase 2 Rogue Rune: How to Get Shadow Step

Discover the secrets to acquiring Shadowstep, a coveted Rune for Rogues in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Elevate your stealth and agility with this essential addition to your Rune collection.

How to Get Shadowstep Rune for Rogue

Shadowstep Rune: With Shadowstep at your disposal, you gain the ability to traverse the shadows and swiftly reposition yourself behind your enemy. Additionally, enjoy a substantial increase in movement speed for a brief duration, empowering your stealthy maneuvers.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Receive the Mail: Upon reaching level 30, keep an eye out for a mysterious letter from an enigmatic sender known as “C.” Similar to the acquisition of the Deadly Brew Rune, this letter will mark the beginning of your journey to obtain Shadowstep.
  2. Visit Pyrewood Village: Journey to Pyrewood Village located in Silverpine Forest. Near the village entrance, you’ll find a small house housing a chest [47, 71]. Loot the chest to initiate “The Eye of Bhossca” quest and set forth on your quest for the Rune.
  3. Infiltrate the Scarlet Monastery: Make your way to the Scarlet Monastery situated in Tirisfal Glades. Locate the stables near the entrance and acquire a disguise from the chest within.
  4. Enter the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard: Venture into the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard dungeon through the leftmost portal. Ensure you embark on this journey alone, as group participation is not permitted. Utilize Pick Pocket on a Scarlet Scryer to obtain a Scryer’s Key.
  5. Proceed to the Scarlet Monastery Library: Navigate to the Scarlet Monastery Library dungeon through the portal on the opposite side. Locate a Scryer Box near the final boss and utilize the Scryer’s Key to unlock it. Retrieve a crucial note from the chest.
  6. Unlock the Reliquary Chest: Return to the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard and locate two benches positioned between statues. Sit on each bench by typing /sit to trigger three dialogue prompts. Subsequently, search for a chest in the northern mausoleum and open it to obtain a Reliquary Key.
  7. Claim Your Reward: Return to the Scarlet Monastery Library and locate the Reliquary Chest within one of the rooms. Loot the chest to acquire the item required to complete the quest.
  8. Final Steps: Return to the chest in Silverpine Forest where you initiated the quest. Turn in the item and await further instructions. Once you receive another mail from “C,” return to the chest in Silverpine Forest to claim your hard-earned Shadowstep Rune.


Embrace the shadows and embrace mastery over stealth with the Shadowstep Rune for Rogues in SoD Phase 2. Let this guide illuminate your path as you embark on your quest for Rogue Runes. Happy gaming, and may the shadows be your ally!

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