Unlock the power of Trap Launcher, a coveted Rune for Hunters in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Discover the steps to acquire this invaluable tool and enhance your hunting prowess.

SoD Phase 2 Hunter Rune: How to Get Trap Launcher

Renowned as one of the most formidable Runes for Hunters in Season of Discovery, Trap Launcher offers unparalleled utility and versatility. Learn how to obtain the Trap Launcher Rune and elevate your hunting experience.

How to Get Trap Launcher Rune in SoD

Trap Launcher Rune: With Trap Launcher at your disposal, your traps gain newfound flexibility and effectiveness. Now, you can deploy traps at any location within a 35-yard radius, even while engaged in combat. Additionally, traps of Fire and Frost varieties boast separate cooldowns, further enhancing your tactical options.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Accept the Quest: Begin your journey by accepting the “Highway Robbery” quest in Desolace. Seek out the Extinguished Campfire northwest of the Kodo Graveyard [47, 54] to initiate your quest.
  2. Navigate to Kormek’s Hut: Proceed to coordinates [63, 39] near Kormek’s Hut in Desolace. Engage with Bibbly F’utzbuckle and accept the quest “On the Lam” to continue your adventure.
  3. Embark to Booty Bay: Make your way to Booty Bay and locate the inn. Interact with Tokal to turn in the quest “On the Lam” and acquire the next quest, “Cherry for Your Thoughts?”. Purchase Cherry Grog from Tokal to progress further.
  4. Journey to Arathi Highlands: Discover the Rowboat situated beneath the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, marked around [53, 91] on the Arathi Highlands map. Board the Rowboat to be transported to the eastern shore.
  5. Confront Illari Duskfeather: Locate Illari Duskfeather and engage in dialogue. Choose your response carefully, as it may determine whether you engage in combat or achieve a peaceful resolution. Defeat Illari Duskfeather if necessary and retrieve the Jewel-Encrusted Box.
  6. Claim Your Reward: Open Illari’s Loot Cache to unveil the Jewel-Encrusted Box and claim the elusive Trap Launcher Rune, a testament to your hunting prowess.


Armed with the Trap Launcher Rune, Hunters can unlock new avenues of strategy and dominance in Season of Discovery Phase 2. May this guide serve as a beacon of guidance on your quest for mastery. Happy hunting!

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