How to Get Fire Nova Rune in SoD

In the depths of SoD Phase 2, the Fire Nova Rune beckons to Shaman players, promising newfound power amidst the flames. Yet, the path to its acquisition remains shrouded in mystery and debate within the WoW community. Here, we unveil the secrets to claiming this potent Rune, detailing its prerequisites and elusive whereabouts.

1. Unveiling the Mysteries

Before embarking on your journey, arm yourself with knowledge. Our comprehensive guide to Shaman Runes in SoD delves into both Phase 1 and Phase 2, ensuring you’re prepared for every twist and turn.

2. The Quest Begins

Now, let us illuminate the path to obtaining the Fire Nova Rune.

  • Venture to the hut outside Thunderaxe Fortress in Desolace [57, 21]. Confront Flameseer Dubelen, a level 35 Elite Orc, and claim the Corrupted Fire Totem.
  • Seek out Zor Lonetree within Orgrimmar’s Valley of Wisdom [39, 38].
  • Navigate the treacherous depths of Maraudon in Desolace. Retrieve two Tear of Theradras from separate locations:
    • Purple Wing [27, 58]: Employ the corpse running technique to secure the tear without unnecessary confrontation.
    • Orange Wing [39, 57]: Execute another precise corpse run to retrieve the second tear.
  • Return to Zor Lonetree, who will redirect you to Arch Shaman Hamuul Runetotem on the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff [78, 28].
  • Consult with Flight Master Tal [46, 50] in Thunder Bluff, arranging transport to Moonglade.
  • Commune with Keeper Remulos at the Shrine of Remulos [36, 41] in Moonglade.
  • Retrieve the Vial of Crystal Water from the designated box [55, 65].
  • Transform the vial into Elemental Salve.
  • Employ the Elemental Salve to purify the Corrupted Fire Totem, thus obtaining the coveted Fire Nova Rune.

Embrace the flames, Shaman, for with the Fire Nova Rune in your grasp, you wield the power to reshape the very essence of fire itself.

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