Introduction: Welcome to the comprehensive guide detailing all Warlock Runes and their locations in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery (SoD) in WoW Classic. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your character’s abilities or simply exploring new gameplay mechanics, this guide provides everything you need to know about acquiring and utilizing Warlock Runes.

Understanding Runes in SoD: Runes represent a new gameplay mechanic introduced in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery. They offer additional spells and abilities, allowing players to tailor their character’s playstyle to suit their preferences. Runes can be found throughout the open world, with acquisition methods varying based on the player’s race and faction.

Phase 1: Twelve Warlock Runes Phase 1 of the Season of Discovery introduces twelve unique Warlock Runes. Each rune comes with its own set of abilities and enhancements, providing players with a diverse array of options to explore. Below, you’ll find detailed information on how to obtain each Phase 1 Warlock Rune:

  1. Lake of Fire Rune:
    • Location: Hillsbrad Foothills
    • Acquisition Method: Purchase the Bomb from Zixil and use it on the Rubble in Durnholde Keep.
  2. Master Channeler Rune:
    • Location: Loch Modan
    • Acquisition Method: Purchase Malevolent Pie from Greishan Ironstove and consume it.
  3. Soul Siphon Rune:
    • Location: Various starting zones
    • Acquisition Method: Drain specific creatures and trade their Shards to designated NPCs.
  4. Demonic Tactics Rune:
    • Location: Jasperlode Mine area
    • Acquisition Method: Loot the Dead Acolyte and complete the associated questline.
  5. Everlasting Affliction Rune:
    • Location: Durotar Supply and Logistics / Azeroth Commerce Authority
    • Acquisition Method: Purchase for gold once Honored with the respective faction.
  6. Incinerate Rune:
    • Location: Redridge Mountains
    • Acquisition Method: Defeat Orc Incinerator Gar’im in a southeastern cave.
  7. Demonic Grace Rune:
    • Location: Undercity / Kharanos / Barrens
    • Acquisition Method: Complete a summoning ritual using specific reagents in designated locations.
  8. Demonic Pact Rune:
    • Location: Ratchet
    • Acquisition Method: Complete pre-quests and purchase from Grizzby.
  9. Metamorphosis Rune:
    • Location: South Barrens / various zones
    • Acquisition Method: Complete a series of quests involving specific items and locations.
  10. Shadow Bolt Volley Rune:
    • Location: Darkshore / Loch Modan
    • Acquisition Method: Defeat specific enemies or complete unique tasks in various zones.
  11. Chaos Bolt Rune:
    • Location: Tirisfal Glades / Durotar / Elwynn Forest / Dun Morogh
    • Acquisition Method: Thaw out frozen creatures using fire abilities.
  12. Haunt Rune:
    • Location: Northern Barrens / Duskwood
    • Acquisition Method: Complete specific quests or interact with designated objects.

Phase 2: Six New Runes Phase 2 introduces six additional Warlock Runes, each offering further enhancements and abilities. Here’s how to obtain them:

  1. Grimoire of Synergy Rune:
    • Location: The Barrens / Ashenvale
    • Acquisition Method: Complete quests and obtain specific items to initiate the ritual.
  2. Invocation Rune:
    • Location: Arathi Highlands
    • Acquisition Method: Defeat Syndicate Conjurors and combine their pendants with a Soul of the Void.
  3. Shadow and Flame Rune:
    • Location: Desolace / Booty Bay / Arathi Highlands
    • Acquisition Method: Complete a questline involving various NPCs and locations.
  4. Dance of the Wicked Rune:
    • Location: Stranglethorn Vale / Thousand Needles
    • Acquisition Method: Locate and interact with Reckless Warlocks to obtain the Brimstone Carving.
  5. Demonic Knowledge Rune:
    • Location: Deadwind Pass
    • Acquisition Method: Defeat Dark Rider Elites and collect Dalaran Relics to unlock the Supply Bag containing the Rune.
  6. Shadowflame Rune:
    • Location: Desolace / Duskwood
    • Acquisition Method: Cast Shadow Ward and interact with the Altar, then defeat the spawned succubus to loot the Rune.

Conclusion: With this guide, you now have comprehensive information on all Warlock Runes and their locations in the Season of Discovery. Whether you’re embarking on Phase 1 or Phase 2 content, these Runes offer exciting new possibilities for enhancing your Warlock’s abilities and shaping your gameplay experience. Good luck on your adventures in Azeroth!

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