Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Phase 2 Updates: 6 New Warrior Runes
  3. How to Obtain Warrior Runes in Season of Discovery
    • Phase 2 Runes
      • Waist Slot
        • Blood Surge Rune
        • Focused Rage Rune
        • Precise Timing Rune
      • Feet Slot
        • Enraged Regeneration Rune
        • Intervene Rune
        • Rallying Cry Rune
    • Phase 1 Runes
      • Chest Slot
        • Flagellation Rune
        • Blood Frenzy Rune
        • Raging Blow Rune
        • Warbringer Rune
      • Legs Slot
        • Furious Thunder Rune
        • Consumed By Rage Rune
        • Frenzied Assault Rune
      • Gloves Slot
        • Victory Rush Rune
        • Endless Rage Rune
        • Devastate Rune
        • Single-Minded Fury Rune
        • Quick Strike Rune
  4. Key Takeaways


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into all the Warrior Runes available in the Season of Discovery (SoD). These Runes serve as vital additions to your character’s abilities, offering diverse playstyles and strategic advantages. Whether you’re a seasoned warrior or just starting your journey, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to obtain and utilize these powerful enhancements effectively.

Phase 2 Updates: 6 New Warrior Runes

With the Phase 2 update in the Season of Discovery, Warriors gain access to six new Runes, further augmenting their prowess on the battlefield. These new additions include:

  1. Blood Surge
  2. Focused Rage
  3. Precise Timing
  4. Enraged Regeneration
  5. Intervene
  6. Rallying Cry

How to Obtain Warrior Runes in Season of Discovery

Season of Discovery introduces an array of Runes scattered across the world, each offering unique benefits to Warriors. Below, we outline the methods to obtain both Phase 2 and Phase 1 Warrior Runes.

Phase 2 Runes

Waist Slot

  1. Blood Surge Rune
    • Location: Alterac Mountains or Stromgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands
    • How to Obtain: Defeat ogres to acquire the Illegible Recipe, initiating the “Anyone Can Cook” quest chain.
  2. Focused Rage Rune
    • Location: Witherbark Village, Southwest Arathi Highlands
    • How to Obtain: Loot the Witherbark Mallet and use it to summon and defeat the Witherbark Goliath.
  3. Precise Timing Rune
    • Location: Deadwind Pass, Duskwood, Swamp of Sorrows, Arathi Highlands, Badlands, The Barrens, Desolace
    • How to Obtain: Defeat Dark Rider Elites after using Ariden’s Sigil to reveal them, acquiring various Dalaran Relics.

Feet Slot

  1. Enraged Regeneration Rune
    • Location: Desolace, Booty Bay, Arathi Highlands
    • How to Obtain: Complete the “Highway Robbery” quest chain, culminating in looting Illari’s Loot Cache.
  2. Intervene Rune
    • Location: Thousand Needles
    • How to Obtain: Cast Execute, Taunt, and Shield Bash on Combat Dummies to unlock a chest containing the Rune.
  3. Rallying Cry Rune
    • Location: Badlands
    • How to Obtain: Defeat the Wandering Swordsman Rare Elite to loot the chest containing the Rune.

Stay tuned for more updates on Phase 1 Warrior Runes and their locations in the next section.

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