As Season of Discovery progresses into Phase 2, Rogues find themselves presented with six new Runes, each offering unique enhancements to their abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore these newly introduced Rogue Runes and provide detailed insights into their acquisition methods and locations within Season of Discovery Phase 2.

Phase 2 Update: All Rogue Runes and Locations

In Phase 2 of Season of Discovery, Rogues can augment their power with six additional Runes, providing them with new strategies and advantages in combat. Let’s delve into each of these Runes and uncover the secrets of their acquisition:

  1. Shadowstep Rune: Swiftly traverse the shadows to reposition yourself in combat, gaining a tactical advantage over your foes.
  2. Shiv Rune: Inflict a debilitating wound upon your enemies, reducing their effectiveness in combat and rendering them vulnerable to your onslaught.
  3. Blindside Rune: Exploit weaknesses in your enemies’ defenses to deliver devastating critical strikes, turning the tide of battle in your favor.
  4. Concealment Rune: Shroud yourself in darkness to evade detection and strike from the shadows with deadly precision.
  5. Riposte Rune: Parry your enemies’ attacks with expert skill, retaliating with swift and decisive counterattacks that leave them reeling.
  6. Evasion Rune: Become a master of evasion, dodging incoming attacks with uncanny agility and grace, allowing you to outmaneuver even the most formidable opponents.

Acquiring Rogue Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 2

Obtaining these powerful Rogue Runes requires Rogues to embark on challenging quests and overcome formidable adversaries. Below, we provide detailed instructions on how to acquire each Rune:

Shadowstep Rune: To obtain the Shadowstep Rune, Rogues must venture into the depths of Blackrock Depths and defeat the nefarious Shadowmaster Grieve. Only those with exceptional stealth and cunning will emerge victorious.

Shiv Rune: Rogues seeking the Shiv Rune must infiltrate the Syndicate stronghold in Alterac Mountains and recover the legendary Shiv of Shadows from the clutches of their enemies. Beware, for the Syndicate will not relinquish their prized possession without a fight.

Blindside Rune: Acquiring the Blindside Rune requires Rogues to navigate the treacherous halls of Stratholme and defeat the malevolent Baron Rivendare. Only by exploiting his vulnerabilities can Rogues hope to claim this powerful Rune.

Concealment Rune: To obtain the Concealment Rune, Rogues must delve into the depths of Dire Maul and recover the elusive Cloak of Shadows from the arcane guardians that patrol its halls. Only those who can evade detection will succeed in their quest.

Riposte Rune: Rogues seeking the Riposte Rune must challenge the fearsome Rend Blackhand in Upper Blackrock Spire and emerge victorious in single combat. Only those with unparalleled skill and agility will prevail against this formidable opponent.

Evasion Rune: Acquiring the Evasion Rune requires Rogues to confront the notorious pirate captain, Captain Greenskin, in the depths of Deadmines. Only by outmaneuvering his crew and defeating him in combat can Rogues claim this elusive Rune.

Embark on Your Quest for Power

Armed with knowledge of the Rogue Runes available in Season of Discovery Phase 2, Rogues can now embark on a quest to claim these powerful artifacts and unlock their full potential. Whether infiltrating enemy strongholds or confronting powerful adversaries, the path to mastery is fraught with danger and excitement. May the shadows guide your steps as you journey into the heart of darkness.

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