Introduction: As the Season of Discovery (SoD) progresses into Phase 2 in WoW Classic, the landscape of class dynamics undergoes significant shifts. In this article, we delve into the anticipated changes and offer predictions for the class tier list in this new phase.

Phase 2: Season of Discovery Class Tier List Criteria: To construct our tier list for Phase 2, we evaluate the impact of the increased level cap to 40, the introduction of new Runes, and the effects of Skill Books on class utilities and performance. Here’s what each tier signifies:


  • Warrior: With enhancements like Vigilance and Enraged Regeneration, Warriors are poised to excel in both tanking and DPS roles.
  • Warlock: Invocation and Pandemic Runes bolster Warlocks’ damage over time capabilities, potentially making them the top DPS class.
  • Rogue: Runes such as Shuriken Toss and Poisoned Knife maintain Rogue’s dominance, particularly in PvP scenarios.


  • Priest: While Shadow Priests may see improved damage output, mana dependency remains an issue. Healing specs benefit from new Runes but still fall short of S-Tier.
  • Mage: New abilities like Chronostatic Preservation add utility, but overall healing output doesn’t elevate Mage above A-Tier.
  • Hunter: Remote traps and pet enhancements keep Hunters competitive in DPS, especially with Aspect of the Viper addressing mana concerns.
  • Druid: Restoration Druids receive significant healing upgrades, but other Druid specs struggle to reach top-tier DPS status.


  • Shaman: Shaman Tank faces competition, but Runes like Maelstrom Weapon keep the class viable. Restoration fares better, but Elemental remains mana-dependent.
  • Paladin: While Holy Paladins gain offensive talents, healing improvements are modest. Protection and Retribution specs lack significant upgrades, placing them in mid-tier.

Conclusion: As we peer into the crystal ball of Phase 2, it’s essential to remember that tier lists are subjective and subject to change. While our predictions offer insights, the true joy of WoW Classic lies in exploring and mastering your chosen class. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, embrace the adventure and forge your path in Azeroth.

What’s your take on the SoD Phase 2 class tier list? Share your thoughts and embark on your next epic journey in the world of Warcraft!

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