Fishing Leveling Guide 1-450 will help you quickly learn the profession to the maximum!


1. 1-50

2. 50-150

3. 150-300

4. 300-350

5. 350-450

6. Conclusion

1. 1 – 50

You can find Fishing(Apprentice) trainers in all fraction cities. Here is trainer in Orgrimmar – Lumak, Stormwind – Arnold Leland

Here are some steps, that will make your fishing easier.

Buy a Fishing Pole from any Fishing Supply vendor and equip it.

Open spellbook, on general tab you need to find Fishing spell, open second section of your spell bar and drag Fishing spell to the any slot, that will be most comfortable for you.

Next you need to stay in front of water, but on the ground. Use Fishing, you will see after it bobble in the water, drag your mouse near it, but not on the bobble, because you just might not see him twitching. When bobble start twithching, right-click on it. If there is nothing, it means that you pulled it too early or too late.

You can start fishing near your trainer up to 50 lvl and learn Fishing(Journeyman)

2. 50 – 150

Buy around 5 x Nightcrawlers and go to the Barrens, go to the any lake, equip Fishing Pole and use Nightcrawlers. You need to fish there up to 200, but go to the trainer on 150 and learn Fishing(Expert).

3. 150 – 300

Go back to the barrens and start fishing up to 200, go back to the trainer and learn Fishing(Artisan), also buy around 20 x Bright Baubles.

After you get level 200, go to the Feralas and start fishing on any lake expect Jademir Lake. After 275, you need to go to the Jademir Lake and up Fishing to 300.

4. 300 – 350

Now you need to go to the Outland. Here are Fishing(Master) trainer Juno Dufrain – Zangarmarsh. Find any lake and fish up to 350.

5. 350 – 450

Now you need to go to the Northrend. Here are Fishing(Grand Master) trainers in Borean Tundra – (A) Old Man Robert, (H) Fishy Ser’ji. Howling Fjord – (A) Byron Welwick, (H) Angelina Soren. Dalaran – Marcia Chase

You can fish in Borean Tundra, but if you character level is 80, you need to go to the Wintergrasp and fish there, because all non-junk fish will be very valuable.


Thanks for watching our Fishing guide and now you know how to raise your Fishing level as fast as possible!

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