Introduction: Blizzard has unveiled the WoW Roadmap 2024, offering insights into the future of both Retail and Classic versions of the game. Among the highlights are the plans for the upcoming phases of the Season of Discovery (SoD). This comprehensive guide provides a summary of all five SoD Phases, covering everything from Rune Engraving guides to BiS Lists, new events, and systems. Keep this article bookmarked for constant updates as new information emerges.

General Season of Discovery Guides:

  1. Season of Discovery Rune Guides for All 9 Classes: Detailed guides for acquiring and utilizing Runes specific to each class. Updated with the latest information as each new SoD Phase is introduced.
  2. Season of Discovery Skill Books for All 9 Classes: Explore the locations of Skill Books for each class in Phase 2 of SoD, unlocking additional abilities and enhancements.
  3. Season of Discovery BiS Lists for All 9 Classes: BiS (Best in Slot) lists tailored for all nine classes, ensuring you’re equipped with the optimal gear for your role.
  4. Season of Discovery Guide: Gold Farming: Your ultimate guide to gold farming in SoD 2024, featuring the best classes, methods, and essential tips.
  5. Season of Discovery: 10 Must-Have Addons: Discover ten indispensable addons for SoD in 2024, designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Season of Discovery Phase 1 Overview:

  • Release Date and Level Cap: Phase 1 launches on November 30, 2023, with a level cap of 25.
  • All Class Roles Available: Tank, DPS, and Healer roles are accessible for all nine classes.
  • Dungeons and Raid: Explore various dungeons, including Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and more. Blackfathom Deeps awaits as the available raid.
  • New Factions: Engage with new factions tied to Waylaid Supplies, offering opportunities for reputation and rewards.
  • PvP Zone: Ashenvale serves as the Phase 1 PvP zone, offering exclusive mounts and rewards for participating players.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Preview:

  • Release Date and Level Cap: Phase 2 launches on February 8, 2024, with a raised level cap of 40.
  • Dungeons and Raid: Embark on the Gnomeregan raid, featuring adjustments to existing bosses and new loot. Stranglethorn Vale becomes the Phase 2 PvP zone.
  • Other News and Updates: Phase 2 introduces new Runes, a ban on GDKP runs, 50% Exp buff, enhanced PvP events, anti-botting technology, and improvements to Waylaid Supplies.

Future Phases:

  • Phase 3: Scheduled for release in Spring 2024, Phase 3 raises the level cap to 50 and introduces new content, including runes and a new raid.
  • Phase 4: Expected by the end of Summer 2024, Phase 4 increases the level cap to 60 and introduces further end-game activities.
  • Phase 5: Slated for release by the end of Autumn 2024, Phase 5 brings updates to end-game content.

Conclusion: Stay informed and prepared for the evolving landscape of Season of Discovery by referring to this guide for the latest news and updates!

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